Many founders get Emails from NewsWatch TV saying that they will promote your company on an American Television “Morning Show”.

I also got a similar Mail for and want to explain what you, as a Founder, should think about that.

Firstly, if you get such a Mail, it is likely that you promoted your product on ProductHunt lately. NewsWatch seems to scrape the ProductHunt listings and even the founder of ProductHunt wrote a tweet about it:

Secondly, if you decide to accept the offer, your product will be shown on TV, but not the way you think about it. You know the annoying Infomercials which often come very late or very early in the morning on niche TV senders?

NewsWatch TV operates such annoying Infomercials. And they don’t feature your product for free, no no! They want money for it.

The companies which paid for it say the count of visitors didn’t really grew much. You can find similar reports on IndieHackers and other websites.